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Contact Lenses

Our Contact Lenses


These days there are very few people who are unsuitable for contact lenses. At Peter Meredith Optometrists, we offer a free contact lens trial following an eye examination, where we can recommend the best option for you. Many people have never considered contact lenses, or have previously been told that they aren’t suitable to wear lenses. The advancements in modern technology, materials and design mean that you are now more likely than ever to be suitable to give lenses a try.

What are the advantages and benefits of contact lenses?

  • Clear, unobstructed vision
  • Often superior vision to glasses
  • No steaming up
  • Ideal for sport
  • Can be worn occasionally or full-time
  • Daily disposables require no cleaning
  • Available in multifocals
  • An alternative to reading glasses, read the menu for meals out
  • An alternative look to glasses
  • Available in colours and tints to enhance or change eye colour
  • Available through a direct debit payment scheme to spread the costs

Why Peter Meredith Optometrists?


  • We have extensive experience fitting contact lenses.
  • As an independent, we can supply lenses from any manufacturer, therefore providing you with the best specific lenses for your needs.
  • We supply both conventional and specialist contact lenses.

Which types of lenses are available?


Soft contact lenses

  • One-Day lenses- these offer convenience along with great vision. No cleaning or storing solutions necessary, wear once and simply throw away. Available in single vision spherical, toric (for the correction of astigmatism) and multifocals.
  • 2-weekly lenses- can be worn on a daily basis, most days or even every day of the week. These are removed and cleaned each day. The lenses are thrown away after 2 weeks or 1 month, depending on your needs. Many different types are available, suitable for most single vision, toric and multifocal prescriptions.
  • Silicone Hydrogel materials-these allow more oxygen to your eyes to aid comfort. The surface resists deposits to keep your eyes healthy. Some types can be worn overnight for a week or even a month; most are designed for wear on a daily basis for people with dry eyes or demanding environmental conditions.

Gas Permeable lenses

A rigid contact lens may be ideal for your prescription. Although these lenses are not initially as comfortable as soft lenses, they are more durable and can last for 1-2years.

Varifocal Contact lenses

Lenses for presbyopia. Whether you require both distance and reading, or simply a reading prescription, you can now benefit from contact lens wear. Many people over the age of 40 successfully wear contact lenses to satisfy their visual needs. These lenses can be worn on a full-time basis, or alternatively, for occasional wear. Ideal for reading menus and evenings out.


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